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I don't follow back unless we have a few shared mutuals / interests

I like tweets when I see them

I tend to RT a lot of fanart

I swear a lot and tend to type in ALL CAPS, keyboard smash

I tend to say that I hate my faves (I don't)

If I'm inactive, it'll probably be due to university or personal issues

If you decide to follow me while hating any of the characters or fandoms I love, please don't be an asshole and indirect/vague about or shame me for liking them

I'm an anxious person, I often say I want to die (jokingly or not), and I have a very negative outlook on life, so if any of that bothers you, don't bother following me

ensemble stars
fire emblem
nier / drakengard
granblue fantasy
fate / grand order
zero escape
anime / manga
video games

enstars — undeadP, midori, chiaki, eichi, tsumugi, arashi, ritsu, natsume
gundam — athrun, cagalli, duo, heero, tieria, lockon, char, sayla
fire emblem — hector, eliwood, lyndis, severa, libra, xander, ike, canas, saizo, boey, roy, owain, inigo
persona — minato, akihiko, shinjiro, mitsuru, aigis, ryoji, akira/joker, yusuke, goro, tae, sae, naoto
nier / drakengard — 2b, 9s, one, four, octa
granblue— sandalphon, lucifer, siegfried, rosetta, lyria, percival, ilsa, sturm, drang
fate— arthur (prototype), ozymandias, arjuna
zero escape — junpei, akane, luna, sigma, diana, seven, carlos