In those days..
in those far-off days...


Rhys ✦ 23 ✦ he/they

Toronto, Canada
pisces ☼ pisces ☽ cancer ↑
ISFX ✦ lawful neutral ✦ bi


homophobic/transphobic/ racist/misogynist, etc. etc. under 18start dramahate my comfort characters


follow/unfollow/sb okay!selective follow backrt heavy

comfort characters

I don't identify as or kin with any of the following but they make me feel happy and safe!! Basically my faves.

athrun zala (gundam), hector, eliwood, lyndis, libra, ike, lucina (fire emblem), steve rogers (mcu), adonis otogari, chiaki morisawa (enstars)

there's probably more so i'll add to this when i remember...


anime / mangavideo games (j/rpgs)history / mythology (ancient mediterranean ["classical studies"] / ancient near east) the supernaturalastronomy & astrologyartcosplay


fire emblemgranblue fantasyfate seriespersonadrakengard/nierensemble starsgundamkuroshitsuji


Please let me know if you send a request.
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